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Incident Response Playbook

An incident response playbook empowers teams with standard procedures and steps for responding and resolving incidents in real time. Playbooks can also include types of cyber attacks, peacetime training and exercises which will prepare the team for the next incident.

In creating our own Incident Response Playbook, we’ve defined most of the important it information when it comes to managing an incident. This playbook will help guide the process of building an effective Incident Response Playbook.

Next Solutions Limited, has a broader and more complex Incident Response Playbook in place so that our highly skilled and experienced cybersecurity engineers are able to protect your digital assets effectively. Our team utilizes cutting-edge security tools and up-to-the-minute global databases beyond the reach and cost effectiveness of most enterprise budgets, skill levels, and resources. Thus, helping keep pace with continually evolving adversarial tactics and techniques. Your organization's level of threat monitoring, detection and analysis are improved without the challenge and expense required to keep an internal security team fully staffed and up to date with the latest threat data.

Download this Incident Response Playbook and share it with your IT security team to improve their cybersecurity knowledge and contact us to provide you with our MDR Services to assist your team and protect your organization's digital assets.

Download Whitebook

Incident Response Playbook
Download PDF • 7.86MB

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