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Managed Detection & Response

Faster threat defense across endpoints, networks, systems and applications starts with 24/7, AI-powered MDR and Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (IDPS) services.

Enhance Productivity and Incident Response

Proactive Human-led Threat Hunting

Improved Forensics and Higher-level Investigations

Improved Compliance and Reporting

Protecting Your Business 24/7


In the face of seemingly overwhelming security threats and campaigns, organizations are also coping with increasing security budgets and a challenging security job market lean on skilled security analysts. Gaining more protection, insight and compliance without adding more tools and people is a goal that enterprises of all sizes seek. Our MDR Services can help your organization meet and sustain its goals.


Extended Detection and Response

Comprehensive Cybersecurity Made Easy

An all-in-one solution that gives you protection across your entire IT environment.

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Full Visibility

Increased Productivity

An XDR solution can achieve improved visibility across an organization’­­s networks, endpoints, SIEM and more via open-system integration. Open source standards can help move the industry away from expensive and wasteful ‘rip and replace’ programs. Instead, an open approach helps organizations get more out of their existing investments.

XDR is designed to help security teams...

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Identify Threats That Are Highly Sophisticated or Hidden

Inclusion of threat intelligence and adaptive machine learning can help ensure that security teams are able to implement protections against the most sophisticated of attacks.

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Track Threats Across Multiple System Components

Provides full user data at an endpoint in combination with network and application communications. 

Analysis of both internal and external traffic

Centralized user interface (UI)

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Investigate Threats More Effectively and Efficiently

Once suspicious events are detected, XDR can provide tools that help security teams determine the severity of a threat and respond accordingly.


Threat Hunting

Response Orchestration


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