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NSL Security Operations Center

Delivery of Secure And Reliable Cybersecurity

Developing Innovative Strategies with our State-of-the-Art

MDR Services

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About Us

We aim to protect all companies,
from small business to enterprise

Next Solutions R&A is a SADC based consultancy and technology risk management firm. We help our customers protect business value and meet stakeholders' expectations through cybersecurity risk management, enterprise risk management, technology deployment, technology assurances and advisory services.

Empowering Security. Shaping the Future.

Unlock the power of Next Solutions in mitigating cybercrime. Discover our cutting-edge solutions and expert strategies to safeguard your digital assets. Trust in our proven track record and stay one step ahead in the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity. Protect your business with confidence.

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Join us at Innovation in Cybersecurity 2023, a premier industry event where cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions meet expert insights.

Next-Generation Solutions for Today's Challenges

Server Room

Data Security

▸Data Encryption

▸Data Leakage Prevention


Mobile Security

▸Authentication & Onboarding

▸Rogue Access Point Detection

▸Wireless Secure Protocols

▸OWASP Mobile Top 10

▸Mobile App Automated Scanning

▸Dynamic Mobile App Analysis

▸Secure Coding Practices

▸Mobile Penetration Testing

▸Secure Code Review


Network Security

▸Firewall Management

▸Network Access Control

▸Secure Network Design

▸Unified Threat Management

▸Remote Access Solutions

▸Intrusion Detection/Prevention Systems

▸Penetration Testing


Governance, Risk & Compliance


▸Firewall Compliance & Management

▸Physical & Logical Reviews

▸Configuration Compliance

▸Audit & Compliance Analysis


Infrastructure Security

▸DNS Security

▸Mail Security

▸Unified Communications

▸Security Information & Event Management

▸Log & False Positive Analysis

▸Zero Day Vulnerability Tracking


Application Security

▸Web Application Security

▸OWASP Top 10 and SANS CWE Top 25

▸Database Activity Monitoring

▸Content Security 

▸Secure File Transfer

▸Web Application Firewall

▸Secure Coding Practices

▸Testing for Vulnerability Validation

▸Application Penetration Testing

▸Secure Code Review


Advanced Threat Protection

▸Bot Protection

▸Malware Analysis

▸Anti-Malware Solutions

▸Sandboxing & Emulation

▸Application Whitelisting

▸Network Forensics

▸Automated Security Analytics


System Security

▸Windows/Linux Server Security

▸Vulnerability/Patch Management

▸Automated Vulnerability Scanning


Backed by a team of experienced professionals, our strategic solutions meet the needs of all types of organizations, from small startups to large firms and we deliver lasting changes with measurable growth. Take a look at our methodolgy in a nutshell.


We provide proactive, intelligence-based and threat-centric solutions to detect changes and anomalies in network, endpoint and user behaviour.


Our solutions are advanced with controls that can deter any attack.



Our incident response is swift and effective. We leverage our SOC to immediately respond to threats in real-time.


We assure our clients have a complete audit trail of all the activity in their IT environment.


Expand your knowledge by reading from the most prominent experts

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Cybersecurity as a Service

Next Solutions R&A offers technology and cybersecurity as a service, customizable to business needs. Our Cybersecurity-as-a-Service is artificial intelligence-driven and supported by automated deterrence controls to complement human effort and increase the efficiency of the cybersecurity risk management program. 

We work with the best partners globally

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Leave Attackers With Nowhere to Hide


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Extended Detection and Response (XDR) is a SaaS-based, vendor-specific, security threat detection and incident response tool that natively integrates multiple security products into a cohesive security operations system that unifies all licensed components.

XDR enables an enterprise to go beyond typical detective controls by providing a holistic and yet simpler view of threats across the entire technology landscape. XDR delivers real-time actionable threat information to security operations for better, faster outcomes.

Extended Detection and Response (XDR) primary advantages are:

  • Improved protection, detection, and response capabilities

  • Improved productivity of operational security personnel

  • Lower total cost of ownership for effective detection and response of security threats

Endpoint Data Collection

Data Analysis and Threat Detection

Automated Response

Threat Investigation

Intergration with Security Infrastructure

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