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SOC as a Service

Your Security. Our Passion.

Next Solutions Limited operates an in-country, state-of-the-art, ISO certified Security Operations Center (iSOC). It has the advanced technology coupled with an elite team of cybersecurity engineers to deliver high quality security. Our analysts are exposed to a wide array of incidents which gives them the ability to provide you with unmatched value in terms of cybersecurity expertise.


24/7 Real-Time Monitoring

On Premise Support & Maintenance

Integration to the Client's Existing Technology and Cloud Infrastructure

Automation and Orchestration

Vulnerability Scans and Assessments

Advanced Threat Intelligence & Analytics

Unmatched Detailed Reporting

AI-driven Automation and Correlation, Alert Prioritization and Actionable Intelligence

What Does a SOC do?

A SOC is a centralized function within an organization that employs people, processes, and technology to continuously monitor and improve an organization’s security posture while preventing, detecting, analyzing, and responding to cybersecurity incidents.

  • Prevention and Detection: When it comes to cybersecurity, prevention is always going to be more effective than reaction. Rather than responding to threats as they happen, a SOC works to monitor the network around-the-clock. By doing so, the SOC team can detect malicious activities and prevent them before they can cause any damage.
    When the SOC analyst see something suspicious, they gather as much information as they can for a deeper investigation.

  • Investigation: During the investigation stage, the SOC analyst analyzes the suspicious activity to determine the nature of a threat and the extent to which it has penetrated the infrastructure. The security analyst views the organization’s network and operations from the perspective of an attacker, looking for key indicators and areas of exposure before they are exploited.
    The analyst identifies and performs a triage on the various types of security incidents by understanding how attacks unfold, and how to effectively respond before they get out of hand. The SOC analyst combines information about the organization’s network with the latest global threat intelligence that include specifics on attacker tools, techniques, and trends to perform an effective triage.

  • Response: After the investigation, the SOC team then coordinates a response to remediate the issue. As soon as an incident is confirmed, the SOC acts as first responder, performing actions such as isolating endpoints, terminating harmful processes, preventing them from executing, deleting files, and more.
    In the aftermath of an incident, the SOC works to restore systems and recover any lost or compromised data. This may include wiping and restarting endpoints, reconfiguring systems or in the case of ransomware attacks, deploying viable backups in order to circumvent the ransomware. When successful, this step will return the network to the state it was in prior to the incident.


Learn More

For more information on how our Security Operations Center can benefit your organisation , please contact us. Our specialists will be happy to answer your questions.

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