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Anonymous Sudan Strike Again

Nigeria’s recent involvement in neighboring Niger’s political crisis has caught the attention of the popular hacktivist group Anonymous Sudan. The group has revealed that it has kicked off a series of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks on the country’s digital infrastructure. This allegation was corroborated by the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA), a government agency. According to a press statement seen by Technext, the NITDA said it detected the activities of a hacktivist group targeting the nation’s digital assets. "The hacktivist group, known for its politically and religiously motivated cyber campaigns, poses a significant risk to our country’s critical information infrastructure. The agency further offered Nigerians insights into the group’s method of operations. Their tactics include targeted attacks on government digital services using various attack types, particularly DDoS attacks, and they have a track record of successful attacks in other countries." NITDA explained.

It’s worth noting that the NITDA did not name the exact group responsible. However, further investigation by Technext showed that Anonymous Sudan is the culprit. Throughout yesterday, the group published several announcements regarding the disruption of service by MTN, a popular telecom company. Like the Kenyan attacks that raged for most of last week, Anonymous Sudan used its private Telegram channel to share updates on the attacks. The group shared screenshots of customers bemoaning the poor network. It wrote on Telegram, "We have confirmed from people inside Nigeria and Twitter that they’re going crazy over the MTN network going down." It added that it was aware that MTN subscribers could not do basic things like load the Google page. According to the group, Nigerians would experience difficulties using the telco’s mobile application and website. Other affected services include customer care panels, bank top-ups, and recharge line systems. A conversation with MTN users revealed that they struggled with poor reception throughout yesterday. Some said at some point they considered switching to Glo and Airtel, both major rivals.

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