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Cybersecurity Strategy

A cybersecurity strategy is comprised of high-level plans for how an organization will go about securing its assets and minimizing cyber risk. Much like a cybersecurity policy, the cybersecurity strategy should be a living, breathing document adaptable to the current threat landscape and ever-evolving business climate. Typically, cybersecurity strategies are developed with a three-to-five-year vision but should be updated and revisited as frequently as possible.

Features and Benefits

A proactive cybersecurity approach not only puts you ahead of attackers but can help you maintain and even exceed regulatory requirements. Proactive strategies offer the structure and guidance that help you stay prepared and avoid confusion that may arise. With uncertainty and confusion minimized, measures for incident prevention, detection and response are dramatically improved. When you embrace proactive security, your organization will be positioned to:

  • Ensure that cybersecurity aligns with your business vision

  • Foster a security-conscious culture

  • Understand your high-risk areas

  • Implement an assessment program to identify risks, threats, and vulnerabilities

  • Approach security beyond compliance

  • Invest equally in prevention, detection, and response

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